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Comprehensive software coverage for all sectors through practical and secure programs and applications to manage your organization better, faster, simpler at the most competitive prices

Resort ERP Solutions
Our powerful software is designed to efficiently follow up all your commercial activities to ensure time saving and effort within an organized structure with easy-to-use interfaces and fast-performance developed by a specialized group of ... More
Al-Moheet ERP
AlMoheet ERP is customized to perfectly fit your needs, surf through its modules to know more, it works as a perfect accounting system, a good store, sales and purchase management, compatible with POS systems, with multiple modules that are all now available for you to not only check but also try. ... More
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For all catering services and supplies

Electronic Archiving System

Keep your documents safe and organized by using an electronic archiving system which delivers the ability to archive all of your documents to ensure easy access.

WorkFlow & Approval System

Web application to manage the relation between: client, management & staff. to ensure the good quality of service. contains an organizational structure and users’ privileges system.

Document Print

Document printer will assist you through preparing, designing and printing document templates.
Barcode Labels, Checks and Documents, Quotations, Invoices. Etc.

CRM & Ticketing System
Discover how you can nurture, build and boost relationships with clients? Our ticketing system can organize and manage relationships with clients in order to meet their requirements, also it can receive and ... More
Jaltest Multi-brand Diagnostic tool
Jaltest, multi-brand diagnostics for commercial vehicles, comprises a great group of elements that make it an essential resource ... More
Go-Global Remote Access Software Solution
Organizations of every size and type rely on Windows® applications to perform mission-critical business functions. While Windows applications ... More
Resort ERP New
Our powerful software is designed to efficiently follow up all your commercial activities to ensure time saving and effort within an organized structure with easy-to-use interfaces and fast-performance developed ... More




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We at GMTCC, provide comprehensive software and digital services according to the highest standards to ensure the satisfaction of our customers and meet all their needs and expectations

ALmotkamel International Company

Passion to success is the motive that made Al Motkamel in 2001, moving forward through its cumulative expertise in the latest set of updates in Information
Technology World, specialized in Creating, supplying, and supporting high-end ERP- CRM -Tracking systems to numerous categories of businesses...

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We are still the creators of civilization


One of the leading companies in the field of information technology, which provides its services with excellence and creativity

Ghaith Ahmad
Middle East Technologies Company

We are proud of our dealings with you, as you are distinguished. It was a pioneering experience we lived together and we hope it will be repeated. The team has always been cooperative, quick to respond and very accurate.

Abrahim Alhjazei

A distinguished team that possesses experience and knowledge and achieves ambitions in a modern, creative and individual fashion with golden touches

Abdul Aziz Al-Rafi'i
Al-Rafi'i Tec

Global Almotkamel Company is distinguished from others by the technical support available 24/24 and its high readiness to serve the companies associated with its business with the integrated

Nader Alhamad
Network Global

You have been distinguished by your continuous ideas and creativity, so you have my best regards and best wishes for success

khaled Al walid
Al majd technical services

We thank you for your interaction with us, the speed of your response, and your keenness on time and accuracy in achievement. I wish you more success. You are one of the best companies I have worked with.

All thanks and appreciation.

haytham Al Asil
Forlogic Technology Company

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