System characterized as enables companies to monitor and control the movement of vehicles, send alerts, messages and daily reports via email, which is useful in securing and protecting limited mobility costs.


  • Definition car card (Type - number plate - driver name - driver's mobile number - registration expiry date - insurance data - kilometers counter - determine the extent excess speed - determine fuel consumption).
  • Supports a wide range of tracking devices with the ability to support additional devices.
  • Geographic work areas definition and controlling the entry and exit of vehicles.
  • Tracking every vehicle (parked - working - on the road - excessive speed).
  • Supporting more than one type of Google maps, OSM, Here.
  • The ability of dealing with several sensitive devices (temperature, weight,...).
  • The ability of linking up a group of cars a particular user.
  • Monitoring of fuel consumption and Tires and oil.


  • Report alerts for required spare parts to change them during a period for each or all vehicles (Filter- Cover - Oil).
  • Report alerts during each vehicle or all vehicles (geographical border control - battery charge is low - SOS driver - disable the engine - a sudden stop - sudden acceleration - ...).
  • Report the number of entry and exit times to a specific geographical area.
  • Report the number of times/places the vehicle stopped in a specified date.
  • Report of the current location of all vehicles or one vehicle.
  • Report of the details of the excessive speed of vehicles.
  • Report of the start and stop time for each motor vehicle.
  • Data report of vehicles in case of a slowdown in traffic.
  • Report of the spent fuel during the period of each vehicle or all of the vehicles.