6 ways to build, run, manage, and optimize apps


The business of organizations is related to a wide range of applications and regardless of the nature of the sector in which they operate or the target audience, the value of these institutions is usually determined by measuring the speed with which they can provide modern applications and services that are able to highlight their business and enhance their user experience, so companies should take 6 Basic and vital steps to create an ideal environment capable of supporting its applications.

Integrated protection:
Achieving this requires the adoption of a new protection methodology in which security technologies are an essential part of the work environment and not merely an addition to it, in the midst of a world in which the largest percentage of applications and data spread outside the scope of the company’s network as much as it is within it.

The implementation of modern levels of protection requires achieving a qualitative leap that moves away from trying to prevent breaches at any cost, but towards adopting protection levels built into everything, including applications and networks, and everything that connects or transfers data.

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