Global AlMotakamel Company (GMTCC)

Our company was established in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 2001, based on our firm belief in the power of technology, and the different business sectors’ need for practical software solutions that preserve their time and effort and guarantee the highest levels of safety and reliability.

We work hard and efficiently through a selection of programmers to provide innovative and effective solutions through our programs and applications, which help you to organize and manage your business and cover all aspects of your organization or project, in addition to its safety, ease, and quality of use.

Today, we carry the torch of pride through our experiences, which we have gain over more than twenty years, and our passion for information technology and the success stories of our partners that prove the effectiveness and strength of our programs of all types.

Today we are ready to share excellence because we are confidently still the civilization creators.

The stages of development of Almotkamel company


 Launch of STCC Est. foundation within the Kingdom

5 main sections

The launch of the Almotkamel system, which containing 5 main sections: Gmtcc ERP, Gmtcc IT, Gmtcc Projects, E-Commerce, Nebras GPS, Minaret Education

Developing and adding new modules:


Manufacturing and Cost Accounting

Expanding and Establishment of GMTCC


Launch and expand GMTCC

Resort ERP

Launching of a new brand: Resort ERP system, which is an accounting software that helps automate and manage business processes

package of systems

Releasing a package of systems: Vehicle tracking system -Electronic Ticketing and Approval Systems


AlMotkamel Engineering Co.

Establishing AlMotkamel engineering contracting company, which activity is maintenance and security systems in the city of Dammam

Manarat AlMeddad

Contributing in the Transport Exhibition in Riyadh in partnership with: WABCO - TRANSICS JALTEST

Establishing Minaret Al-Madad for training institute

Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal university

_ Partnership with Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University

Establishing Nibras Al-Manar Information Technology Company

SAP Marine

Sales representatives at SAP MARINE International


Our mission is to work hard and commit ourselves to our customers to elevate them towards perfect performance, and keep them always at the forefront of development and modernity, this is thanks to our specially designed programs to provide you with the best software and administrative solutions that suit the nature of your organization’s work, we are keen to develop continuously in line with the latest international systems and to meet your needs. This makes excellence our address and providing the best service our destination, thus distinguishing us from our competitors and gaining the trust of our customers, and sharing the path to success together


In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Participation in the future industry according to the Saudi Vision 2030, by creating the best software and administrative solutions. Leadership in developing business infrastructure and adopting modern technology.

In the Middle East

Working to provide the best service in the software and technical field through our branches in the Middle East, and achieve high performance in innovation and quality.


The uniqueness and excellence of our services and products, which makes us at a high level of competition with the most powerful global software and administrative systems.

Our Principles

Hard and smart work:

we work hard and efficiently to keep up with all technological developments, which is reflected in the strength of our programs and services. We also use our intelligence to create optimal solutions that make it easier for our customers to run their businesses in a way that suits their types.

Creative thinking:

We apply creativity and innovation in our products and services that incorporate effective solutions that deliver satisfaction and maximum value to our customers, regardless of the diversity of their businesses.

Trust and integrity at work:

we strive to build a relationship with our customers based on trust and credibility, which leads us to meet their expectations and satisfy all their needs.

Ensuring the protection and security of information:

The protection and confidentiality of our customers' information is our responsibility, as we apply the latest systems in the field of data protection and security that ensure our customers' comfort and protection.