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Global AlMotakamel Co. for Trading & Contracting (GMTCC) is a saudi national company was founded in 2001 as one of the houses of experience in the field of software and information technology work in the field of totalitarian regimes which we are producing and supplying the software, as well as all it takes to work.

17 + Years

Global Almotkamel Business Development Experience

Contracting & Logistics ERP's

Almotkamel Resort ERP Solution for contracting and Logistic companies, (accounting, Human resources HR, Transportation,  project management, sub contractors.


Global Almotkamel Satisfied Clients & Partners


Outstanding Service

Global Almotkamel Outstanding service to their customers, particularly in terms of after-sales technical support and consulting.

Global Almotkamel teams are well aligned and customers centric  to offer integrated and high quality values to thier clients.

KIZEN Continuous Improvement

Global Almotkamel permanent and continuous development of programs produced to remain on the direct link to the needs and requirements of existing customers and prospective.

Continuous Updates

Almost every six months Global Almotkamel issued a new version of the sanctuary and financial management solutions for the program are sent to subscribers free of charge, …

Highly Skilled Teams

We proud of our team and there experience where they have the ability to design and create any special programs with the ability to add and link them to the previous programs.

International Standards

Global Almotkamel libraries have all of our design. . . We designed to be user-friendly easy-to-use achieve to-use and our clients the speed of development and modernization.

Customer Centric Culture

The process of development at Global Almotkamel is long, our thoughts will not expire, we inspire it from our customers, care about their requirements and sidemenu, and seek to turn our thoughts .. into reality.

Advanced Products

Global Almotkamel develop our products to provide the latest solutions for consultation services for companies and entities of all activities and fields whether big or small, relying on our experience of the market needs and our team and the nature of these companies and entities.

Why Almotkamel Reort ERP System

Global Almotkamel RESORT System for Contracting and Logistics And Finance is one of the best and most powerful accounting software designed by specialized group of programmers and system analysts, under the supervision of a group of outstanding accountants , who are all at the highest level of accuracy taking into account the full knowledge and the work market requirements .

Tax and VAT Support

Global AlMotakamel Company is a Saudi national company registered with the Department of Zakat and Income in the Kingdom. It has developed its accounting programs in line with the developments of the labor market and meets the needs of customers. Therefore, it has supported the value added Tax (VAT) in its main products as well as the development of customer cadres within the courses carried out within the headquarters and branches of the company to keep up with these added taxes processing within company products

Why Global Almotkamel

Global Almotkamel Because we combine international standards and local needs. Because we are accredited to many audit offices and accountants. Because we support many different sectors and activities. Because we provide excellent services to customers especially after sales at all our branches and agents.

International Partnership

Global ALmotkamel in support for their customers, continuously looking for latest technology in software that could help and support and solve their clients process and business , Global almotkamel has signed many agreement with international partners in IT industry, including ERP provider, Fleet management , remote access, providers, GPS Tracking and many IoT producer .


Global Almotkamel expanding services and products to cover most IoT services and solutions, specially solutions that support contracting and logistic industries which form most of Global almotkamel clients and partners

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Contracting & Logistic ERP

  • Contracting Solution.
  • Logistic Solution.
  • Accounting & Finance.
  • Human Resources HR.
  • Manufacturing Solution.
  • Fleet Managment.
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Fleet Management & GPS Tracking
  • Professional fleet security & monitoring. tracking small and medium truck, bus, equipment, assets, people, and containers … , integrated with transportation and workshop modules in the Resort ERP


Financial & Administrative

  • Accounting System.
  • Store, Sales & Purchases Mgmt.
  • HRMS System.
  • POS System.
  • Manufacturing System.
  • Fixed Assets System …

E-Services & Approval

  • Accounting System.
  • Store, Sales & Purchases Mgmt.
  • HRMS System.
  • POS System.
  • Manufacturing System.
  • Fixed Assets System …

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Electronic Archiving

  • Barcode Labels.
  • Checks And Documents.
  • Quotations, Invoices.
  • the Certifcates Of Origin.
  • Customs Exemptions
Go Global  Remote Access
  • Accounting System.
  • Store, Sales & Purchases Mgmt.
  • HRMS System.
  • POS System.
  • Manufacturing System.
  • Fixed Assets System …

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We Provied



Programing Solutions

  • Accounting & ERP Solutions
  • Archiving & Document Print Systems
  • Ticketing & Workflow Solution
  • Fleet Management & Tracking GPS system


Supply & Install & Maintenance

  •    POS Solutions (Hardware & Software)
  •    Servers, Pc’s, Printers And Projectors
  •    Office & Class Room IT-Equipments
  •    International IT License ( Microsoft … )


Projects & Applications

  •  Monitoring & Security Systems (Cameras … )
  •    Websites & Mobile Applications
  •    Network & Communication Solutions
  •    Governmental Solutions

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