WorkFlow & Approval System

Building a solid relationship with customers is one of the reasons for the success of your business. For that the ticket system provides the perfect solution for managing customer service, organizing and storing their data in the best way, using it efficiently to achieve their satisfaction, providing quick answers to their problems, and following them up skillfully, which saves huge costs and increases productivity, in addition to data analysis And get future insights by mapping your priorities to meet the needs of your customers.


  • It can be linked with Active Directory enabled by features of different options.
  • Add all of the (branches, departments, sections data., Employee and his function and his direct manager data).
  • Create an infinite number of documents or models in a dynamic way by the normal user.
  • The possibility to customize templates or documents so that they appear for certain functions only.
  • The ability to make different versions of the same model.
  • The establishment of the flow of workflow model and define functions within each model levels.
  • Alert the staff (to create a new request – request accomplished – … etc.) by e-mail or SMS with the possibility of a decision on the request by e-mail directly Extensive and multiple options for employees to respond to the request or a particular model gives ease and high flexibility
  • Extensive and multiple options for employees to respond to the request or a particular model gives ease and high flexibility.
  • Employee can keep track of the request or its own model and know the current employee receiving the request.
  • Assign tasks to employees m prioritize and follow up their implementation through the special tasks pages.
  • View Calendar with the company to identify events and important dates .
  • Alert the user or employee on the day of the events.
  • The possibility of the monthly calendar display for each month on the home page of the employee.


  • Order number and notifications.
  • My requests any requests made by the employee.
  • Applications, which included the presence of the employee in the flow and document flow.
  • Order number.
  • Order Status.
  • Demand or model type.
  • Employee


  • Report the number of applications in different branches of the company.
  • Report with the number of applications in accordance with the status of the request.
  • Report to the number of request for each model that the employee done in a certain period.
  • Report requests made by the employee in a given period.
  • Report the number of applications for each model carried out by an employee in a given period.
  • Report requests that have been approved in a given period.
  • The possibility of creating custom reports according to the models that are created
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