Electronic Archiving System


  • Resort for electronic archiving archives all the documents, imports and exports related to any person, office or a company.
  • It Saves the most known types of documents within the database or saves the track on the hard drive as to suite your work.
  • The ability to take backup at any time you like.
  • The ability to open any saved document easily and simply.
  • It contains a flexible screen for users private dates with a mechanism of automatic recall, even if the program is not in operation.
  • It contains a special screen to save information and telephone numbers of people who are dealing with you, which will provide you with a personal integrated telephone directory.
  • Flexible screen of users authorities enables you to create multiple users with private authorities for each one, which secures the data.
  • It also contains a mechanism to change the software terms to suit your work.
  • The ability to create an unlimited number of databases with the possibility of dealing with more than one file at the same time.
  • It enables you to conduct a survey to all the data easily and fast in performance.
  • The reports is characterized by its strength and flexibility which have been built on a report designer which is easy handling and strong performance so you can print reports suites your work.
  • It supports small and large networks at the same time, in addition to support both Arabic and English languages.